Trying  to  find  an  ICU?


People  in  general  are  unaware  of  the  medical  facilities  that  offer  ICU  care  and  don’t  even  think  of  it  until  the  need  arises  for  themselves  or  for  a  loved  one.  At  the  other  end,  even  the  primary  care  physician  is  only  aware  of  a  few  hospitals  that  offer  ICU  care  to  which  their  patients  are  referred  to  when  a  need  arises.  But,  what  happens  when  the  patient  reaches  the  hospital  and  finds  out  that  there  is  no  availability.  The  patient  party  then  gets  introduced  to  the  chaotic  and  unorganized   medical  world  we  live  in,  in  our  country.  He  has  to  scout  for  himself  and  at  such  a  desperate  time,  run  around  searching  or  be  lucky  enough  to  be  the  victim  of  a  tout  and  if  not  so  lucky,  end  as  a  sad  story.


How  does  one  get  such  a  niche  resource  closer  to  the  patients?  How  can  primary  care  doctors  know  availability  of  resources  in  hospitals  even  before  the  patient  is  referred?  How  can  we  put  a  stop  to  patients  running  around  from  one  hospital  to  another  in  search  of  an  ICU  facility  or  a  ventilator  or   from  becoming  a  victim  of  some  tout?    How  much  do  we  really  care  about  the  dignity  of  sick  people  as  a  fraternity  and  as  a  society?


There  is  a  huge  need  for  a  directory  for  ICU  facilities  in  our  country.   ICULive.in  has  evolved  from  the  recognition  of  this  need.  It  serves  as  a  neutral  platform  for  hospitals  to  display  availability  of  ICU  beds  and  ventilators  and  also  the  health  insurance  that  the  hospital  accepts.  The  hospitals  are  displayed  on  the  basis  of  distance  from  where  the  patient  party  is  searching.  It’s  only  a  small  step  towards  finding  a  solution  to   this  wild  problem.




Dr. Murali Krishna Kora.





There are 2 scenarios...

1. A situation where ICU facilities are underutilized for various reasons and we believe that when infrastructure is not utilized on a particular day, it has been wasted for that day.

2. Patients keep shunting from hospital to hospital in search of ICU facilities, leading to increased morbidity and even mortality.

We set out to address these issues with the use of technology by which the existing gap between patients and ICU facilities is decreased.

We have built a user-friendly website and encourage hospitals to participate on our platform and make use of our services to reach out to patients who are looking for ICU services.

Thank you.

Dr Murali Krishna Kora





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