Life in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

The word ICU never comes with any adjoining pleasing emotion. The moment this word –looms, it signifies sorrow and seriousness. It leads to disturbing and sorrowful emotions. Imagine what a day would be like in the ICU. The name for an ICU may vary as per the scale of the hospital; some may call it a medical ICU or others may call it a surgical ICU but the core of the ICU is same everywhere; the name may vary but the place doesn’t.

How Does the Day Begin?

To begin with, there’s no such ideal day concept in the ICU; an emergency can occur anytime. The day normally starts early morning even before sunrise for the checkups in the labs; this gives the doctors ample amount of time to follow up with the lab on reports of the patients to give them proper medication for the day. When the lab work is done, then the doctor receives the reports and goes on a round with a team comprising of an Intensivist, treating consultant,  resident doctor, head nurse and other specialists to each patient with their body vitals, ECG reports, medications, BP levels and other updated relevant investigations. Physical exams are conducted to check the progress of the patient and also the scale of pain; then the follow-up course is programmed accordingly. The recovery of the patient is on a constant track. As compared to other wards the patients in ICU needs greater care and attention and hence, specially trained nurses are deployed. In the ICU, the nurse-in-charge goes on a round in every few hours with the to-do list of their patients for medication and physical examination


ICU Patients and their Families

Panic mode is always ON among the patient’s family. The nurses are specially trained to handle situations like that because in many instances, it becomes difficult to handle not the patient but their family. The nurses constantly interact well with the family of the patient to calm them down and upkeep the positivity in the environment. The only day when people smile in ICU is when they walk out of being critical to finally home.


What Keeps them Going?

Finally, the only thing that keeps everybody going in the ICU are the happy faces of the patients. No monetary incentive can ever replace such joy of witnessing your patient walking happily, back. Early recovery is what all doctors and other professionals in the room wish for their patients


How to Choose the Perfect ICU for Your Loved ones:

The ICU can be very disturbing visual.Doctors roaming, from patient to patient, following up with the concerned nurses. The nurses do all that is needed for a smooth functioning, they take care of all the medical supplies to the patients and timely meals too. The patient also receives morning sponge baths from the nurse for proper sanitation. The ecosystem comprises of the nurses, doctors, cardiologists, radiologists, various specialists and other professionals, all working towards a life goal.Hence, it becomes vital to pick an ideal ICU at a hospital nearby for your loved ones during an emergency. Here are some basics one may keep in mind:

1. To meet with the professionals- You need to meet in person with the doctors, nurses and relevant specialists to satisfy yourself that the hospital has employed competent professionals who are communicative. Professional competency is of utmost importance as you cannot risk your loved one's life in the hands of those who are not professionally sound.

2. To enquire if the equipments are of top quality- You need to enquire if the equipments used in the ICU such as the ventilator, CPAP system, BPAP system, patient monitor, infusion pump, syringe pump, ICP monitor are of desired quality or not and at par with the latest technology. You shall also check the oxygen supply, if the ICU is having an appropriate supply of oxygen.

3. Enquire if there has been any proven case of professional negligence or medical malpractice and what kind of corrective measures the hospital has taken. is the only online portal providing comprehensive data on ICU’s and related facilities and provisions across Bangalore, to help you arrive at the ideal nearby ICU facility during an emergency. Log onto during emergencies and get access to reliable healthcare information.