Terms and conditions

Terms of Use

1. K2 HEALTH SERVICES (OPC) PVT LTD displays the live availability of ICU units and 

facilities (“ICU Facilities”) in various hospitals for patients across India on its 

website iculive.in

2. However, the Company does not allow visitors to the Website (“Visitors”) to make any 

bookings through the Website. 

3. The Website relies on information supplied by hospitals and other providers of ICU Facilities. 

Therefore, the Website does not assume any responsibility for the completeness or 

correctness of information displayed on the Website.

4. The Website lists merely the current availability of ICU Facilities in various hospitals across 

the Territory, therefore the Website does not offer any assurance of availability of ICU 

Facilities nor does it guarantee a reservation when the Visitor contacts a particular hospital.

5. All trademarks, copyrights and other similar rights to the content on the Website, including 

but not limited to any logo, design and/or arrangement of colours (“Content”), shall always 

vest in the Company. The Visitor hereby declares that the Visitor shall not, under any 

circumstance whatsoever, claim any right over the Content displayed on the Website.

6. The Company expressly declares that the Company does not endorse any hospital or doctor.

7. The Visitor shall be solely responsible for the usage of ICU facilities in accordance with the 

Visitor's contract with the concerned hospital.